Technical service Apple

Technical service and support of Apple Mac at home, (gathered in the site). request

€“ Technical hour on watch 47.00 ‚¬. more IVA, but displacement or 40 ‚¬ in factory more IVA
€“ Works of weekend under previous appointment are accepted to 60 ‚¬ more IVA, but displacement or 50 ‚¬ in factory more IVA
€“ 30 remote services to ‚¬ more IVA
€“ Services dateless limit or maintenances to negotiate according to the case

We know all the models Macintosh:

Macbook, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air,

Imac, Ibook, MacPro, MacMini,

PowerMac G3 G4 G5, PowerBook G4,

iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Repair of hardware:

- Change of 6 5 4 3 batteries of iphone/3S//4S//5S/6/Extra/rest supplies of Apple calls to us!

- 6 5 4 3 broken crystal change of iphone/3S//4S//5S/6/Extra/rest supplies of Apple calls to us!

- Change of batteries of tablets.

- Broken crystal change of tablets.

- Any repair Apple product.

In Computers€¦

€“ Motherboards.
€“ Plates of video.
€“ Hard disk (data retrieval).
€“ Readers of DVD-CDROM.

Increase of capacity or benefits:

€“ Hard disk.
€“ Ram memory.

With our best cheap vps hosting, you will get Installation of Software:

€“ Update of operating systems like Linux, Windows, Unix.
€“ Installation of software.
€“ Installation of Windows on Mac (Boot camp or parallel desktop €“ vmware).

Installation and configuration of hardware:

€“ Printing and escáneres.
€“ Cards of sound, video, controller, etc.


€“ Wi-fi
€“ File server (Nas).
€“ Web servers
€“ Mac Os X Server.

Improvement of yield and stability.

€“ Backup copies (TimeMachine).

€“ Resolution of problems, incompatibilities and installation of hardware.

€“ Repair of permissions and defragmentation.