iPhone 7 (A1778)


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The iPhone 7 is similar in design to iPhone 6s, although with €œreflected€ finishing. In addition to the colors existing Silver, Gold and Pink Gold, the device offers in the new colors Black and €œBlack Jet€. The color €œJet Black€ is a darker tone with finishing of high brightness; it is created through a process of several steps, that begins with a phase of anodizing to cause that the surface of the housing is a porous aluminium oxide, and soon a machine for €œcleaning€ the housing through a dust compound is used, absorbed by aluminium oxide. The process concludes with a €œultra-fine particle bathroom€ for additional finishing; All the process has been one hour less than. The iPhone 7 no longer uses a button of physical beginning; in his place, it uses a sensible button to the tact with háptica feedback through motor Apple Taptic. The button also is sensible to the pressure. The iPhone 7 does not count on a connector for earpieces of 3,5 mm; It was replaced by one second grill of loudspeaker. With the device an adapter of intrauditivos Lightning connector to 3.5 mm, as well as headsets is included that use a Lightning connector. The iPhone 7 also is resistant to the water and the dust. The iPhone 7 uses the system in A10 chip Fusion of Apple, that consists of two nuclei of low power and two nuclei of high power. The A10 also counts on a graphical chip able hexa-Core of €œgames concerning console€. As with the previous models, the iPhone 7 is available in two sizes: one with a screen of 4,7 inches and one variant €œExtra€ with a screen of 5,5 inches. The screens have identical sizes and resolutions to 6s (720p and 1080p), but with a greater range of colors and brightness. Both variants of device also contain a new iteration of the coprocessor of movement of Apple, the M10. Unlike the previous models of iPhone, the options of internal storage for the iPhone 7 begin to 32 GB instead of 16 GB. The iPhone 7 includes a back camera of 12 megapíxeles with a flash €œTrue Tone€ of four LED; its opening was extended to f/1,8, whereas the model of standard size adds optical stabilization of the image, a characteristic that previously was exclusive of the models Extra. The iPhone 7 Extra also includes a second telephoto lens of 12 megapíxeles, that can be used to obtain an optical zoom lens of 2x, and a digital zoom lens of until 10x. The frontal camera also was updated to a sensor of 7 megapíxeles.



iPhone 7 (A1778)

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