iPhone 6s (A1688)


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IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Extra occurred to know the 9 September of 2015 during a called event of press €œHey Siri, damages a track€. in the Civic Audience Bill Graham of 7,000 seats in San Francisco. The design of the hardware of iPhone 6s is almost identical to the one of the iPhone 6, although the chassis now is done of an aluminum more hard used for the first time by Apple Sport Watch to improve their rigidity. Available in it is gilded, it silverplated, it gray space and new for 6s, finished in color pink gold. IPhone 6s works with the system Apple A9 in a chip, that according to the company is until a 70% faster than Apple A8, and has a graphical yield until a better 90%. IPhone 6s has 2 GB of RAM, more than any other iPhone previous, and also he is compatible with LTE Advanced. Although the capacities of their batteries are slightly smaller, Apple considers that iPhone 6s and 6s Extra have the same duration average of battery that its respective predecessors. IPhone 6s counts on well-known technology as 3D Touch; the sensors are inlhelp in the layer of retroiluminación of the screen that measures the firmness of the tactile entrance of the user by the distance between this and glass, which allows that the device distinguishes between I touch normal and more forceful. 3D Touch is combined with the vibrator Taptic Engine to provide associate háptica feedback. IPhone 6s counts on a back camera of 12 megapíxeles, improved of the unit of 8 megapíxeles of the previous models, as well as a frontal camera of 5 megapíxeles. Also it can record video 4K, as well as video 1080p to 60 pictures per second. The function €œRetina Flash€ of the application of the camera allows to use the brightness of the screen as a flash improvised in the images taken with the frontal camera, whereas €œLive Photos€ captures a short video next to each taken photo.



iPhone 6s (A1688)

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