iMac 7,1


1.400, 00‚¬ 400,00‚¬

Under the hood, iMac (half-full of 2007) was only a blow of speed of iMac (final of 2006), but also included a new design of the housing. Announced in August of 2007, iMac (half-full of 2007) presented a new and surprising design of aluminum box that made clear reference to iPhone recently sent. IMac (half-full of 2007) also included a new extremely thin aluminum keyboard. IMac (half-full of 2007) was distributed in three configurations: 20 €œ/2,0 GHz/1 GB RAM/250 128 GB HD/MEGABYTE VRAM/SuperDrive/$ 1199 U.S., 20€ /2.4 GHz/1 GB RAM/320 256 GB HD/MEGABYTE VRAM/SuperDrive/$ 1499 U.S., and 24 €œ/2,4 GHz/1 GB RAM/320 256 GB HD/MEGABYTE VRAM/SuperDrive/$ 1799 U.S. Also was available a model BTO of high range, with a processor 2 Intel Core 2.8 Pair Carries far of GHz and a hard disk of 500 GB, by $ 2299 U.S.






T7700 2400

Ram 2048

hd 320

21€ DVD-RW

Without keyboard, mouse nor feeder

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