To repair Mac



To repair mac already is possible.


With 22 years of experience.

As Technical Service Apple,

We have trained 800WeFixMacs.

The Service that wishes that you do not have problems.

We want to guarantee the tranquillity to you.


We wish to be its personal computer science Doctor, at the same time as its adviser in new purchases.

Who repairs his problems of programs, machines, networks or security.

The constructor of its identity Web.

Several hosting like vps web hosting that worries about the operation of its personal mail.

The Community Manager that speaks in its name through social networks.

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Its specialized technological adviser in Apple established.

Its technician of the information.

All handmade, we are craftsmen of new means.

€“ Technical hour on watch 47.00 ‚¬. more IVA, but displacement or 40 ‚¬ in factory more IVA
€“ Works of weekend under previous appointment are accepted to 60 ‚¬ more IVA, but displacement or 50 ‚¬ in factory more IVA
€“ 30 remote services to ‚¬ more IVA
€“ Services dateless limit or maintenances to negotiate according to the case